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Update Ultron’s origins: Since Ant-Man doesn’t come out until after Age of Ultron and features Scott Lang, Hank Pym probably isn’t going to be the inventor of Ultron. Instead he will be invented by Tony Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D, or both. A throw-away line referencing Hank Pym being Ultrons inventor, such as “Hank Pym came up with this forty-seven years ago”, would also link to Ant-Man.

Wakanda and other locations: Age of Ultron is confirmed to feature multiple location around the world and even filmed in a location in Africa, so why not show a scene of Wakanda. Presumably Ultron’s plan to save humanity from itself will reach beyond America so a scene showing Ultron Drones marching upon Wakanda, and other locations, would show the grandeur of Ultron’s attack and provide fans with a wonderful plethora of Easter eggs. Other locations which could be Easter eggs during this scene include; Hell’s Kitchen, London and Attilan.

The Netflix shows: Marvel needs to hype up its new shows, especially Daredevil, so a reference or two Newspaper articles or internet articles about Fisk Industries and/or one of Matt Murdoch’s cases and a Heroes for Hire advertisement would be a good idea.

Ultron to kill an Avenger (And they stay dead): There are several reason why Ultron should kill an Avenger. One; It will establish Ultron’s character and the serious threat he poses to the Avengers and the world. Two; It will keep the film fresh in a genre where films aren’t brave enough to kill main characters. Three; the Avengers are getting pretty crowded, and if Marvel wants to introduce Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther to the ranks, characters are going to have to die. I  imagine Captain America, Hawkeye of Iron Man to be the late Avenger.

Doctor Strange revealed in mid or post-credit scene: Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s most anticipated movies and with the casting of Joaquin Phoenix all but confirmed a character reveal is in order. Wong enters the loft of the Sanctum Sanctorum, briefly looks up, and continues on with his chores. The camera rises to reveal a levitating and meditating Doctor Strange. By showing Doctor Strange meditating it is hinted that his astral form is off on some other-worldly business, explaining his absence of Age of       Ultron.
More Gods and More Realms: Of the nine realms, five of them have been shown in film. If Surtur is the villain then Mesphelheim will defiantly appear, and a more or less inconsequential visit to Hel to see Hela, probably at the beginning of the film, would be great fan service.  

A mention of the other Pantheons: For every culture that has ever existed there is a pantheon of gods and they are all perfectly aware of each other. A simple throw-away line, e.g. “There are realms beyond our nine.”, or a more direct reference, e.g. “What of the Olympians?”. The post/mid-credits scene could be Thor walking up a mountain surrounding by Greek buildings. Entering a big building he is greeted by Zeus and Hercules.  

Fenrir: Perhaps Thor is walking along somewhere and in the background is a giant wolf tethered to the ground with chains. Or maybe Loki, under the guise of Odin, tells Thor the story about Fenrir while standing right below him. Since Fenrir is Loki’s son, this could be quite an Easter egg.

Slepnir: Odin’s eight-legged horse had a brief cameo in Thor, which was great for those familiar with the comics or the mythology, but to see Slepnir in battle, probably ridden by Thor, or at least in greater detail , would be more great fan service.
More focus on the monsters, less focus on the humans: This movie needs to focus much more on the monsters than the last movie, especially with Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah appearing. Each of   these monsters along with Godzilla needs enough screen-time (and fights) to establish their character and please audiences.

Bring back only those who need to come back: Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen don’t need to come back. New human characters should replace them, as it is the monsters not the humans that are important. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes did this and it worked out splendidly. If any of the human cast should return it should be Ken Wantabe, as some kind of MUTO expert.

Mothra as a larva, then a pupa: During the start of the film Mothra is a larva caterpillar-ing its way across  somewhere, probably America, feeding on nuclear power plants and such before eventually pupating somewhere dramatic looking, against a building or a mountain, before pupating a third or so through the film.

Multiple, more challenging fights: There are four monsters appearing in this film, it makes sense that there would be many fights. And not just Godzilla vs Mothra, Godzilla vs Rodan, Godzilla vs King Ghidora, these monsters are too powerful to be defeated in one fight. Godzilla would have to fight them several times to properly defeat them, and they would be a real challenge. Godzilla could very well be defeated by anyone of these monsters in a fight (or several at once) and we need to believe this. They all fly! Rodan can reach supersonic speeds! King Ghidorah has three heads! And breathes lightning!    


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